TD 201 Turkish Languages I

Students taking this course, recognize connections between language and culture, place of Turkish language among the world languages, apply the rules of spelling, explain and apply phonetics, morphology and syntax of Turkish language. The course content; What is language, language and culture, place of Turkish among world languages, historical development of Turkish, spelling rules, Phonetics, Morphology, Syntax is included.

HEM 201 Internal Medicine Nursing

In this course; it is given theoretical information about concepts, principles, the methods and techniques of internal medicine nursing, gained the practical skills, taught principles of prevention of disease.

The course content; Basic concepts of internal medicine, Place of Preventive Health Services in internal medicine nursing, fluid-electrolytes and acid-base balance/imbalance, Shock and nursing care, neoplastic diseases and nursing care, blood-lymph node disease and nursing care, joint connective tissue diseases and nursing care, immune system disorders and nursing care, kidney disease and nursing care, respiratory diseases and nursing care, nervous system diseases and nursing care, heart and vascular diseases and nursing care, endocrine system diseases and nursing care, digestive system diseases and nursing care, Nursing Process and Planned nursing care issues is included.

FAR 201 Pharmacology Nursing

In this course; students learn the basic concepts of pharmacology and toxicology, evaluates changing of biological responses which mechanisms that medicines affect. They could evaluate pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics properties and side effects of these medicines which is effective in organ system. The course content is included that basic concepts of pharmacology and toxicology, autonomic nervous system pharmacology, cardiovascular system pharmacology, central nervous system pharmacology, pain therapy, respiratory medicines, endocrine pharmacology and chemotherapeutic medicines.

PAT 201 Pathology

In this course, students are expected to learn the basic concepts of pathology understand the etiology and development mechanisms of diseases, be knowledgeable about the methods used by the pathology.

In the course content; introduction to pathology, cell injury and necrosis, acute and chronic inflammation, cellular response Against Damage and wound healing, Fluid and Electrolyte Balance and circulations disorders, genetic diseases, neoplastic diseases, immunological system and its diseases, basic pathology issues are included.


HEM 202 Nursing of Surgical Disease

This course; students would gain knowledge and skills in line with the understanding of preventive health services at the basic principles of surgery, systems diseases requiring surgical procedures and nursing care. Students taking this course, is expected to have acquired ability to the knowledge of basic concepts related to surgical nursing, the certain rules of knowledge related to surgical nursing, the knowledge of the guiding nursing care principles, the knowledge of the tools-equipment and resources used in surgical nursing, ability to implement principles, rules and concepts related to surgical nursing in their career, apply techniques learned as a surgical nursing student. The course content; The definition of surgery and type that tend to the solution, effects on patient, risk factors, preoperative and postoperative care, anesthesia, wound healing and nursing care, fluid and electrolyte balance and imbalance in surgery, shock in surgery, surgical diseases and nursing care of the male reproductive organs, urinary tract, kidney, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, surgical diseases and nursing care of the digestive system, surgical diseases and nursing care of the cardiovascular system, asepsis and aseptic methods, control of nosocomial infections, surgical diseases and nursing of the nervous system, Ethics and surgery, surgical diseases and nursing of respiratory system, nursing of orthopedics diseases, nursing care of organ transplantation, surgical diseases and nursing care of endocrine system, operating room nursing, nursing care of breast diseases, nursing care of Ear-Nose-Throat diseases, nursing care of eye diseases, burns and general principles of its treatment, pain and nursing care of pain in surgery, homeostasis, is included.

HEM 203 History of Nursing

In this course, students aware of the historical development of the nursing profession and the sociological structure of the nursing affecting factors in this development.  

The course content; Development and Basic Concepts of Science, Patient Care in the first Ages, Middle Ages, New Age and Modern Age, Health Professions and Nursing Development and its social structure in our country, social status of women through the ages and its effect on nursing, Globalization and its impact on nursing, is included.

HEM 212 Health Assessments

The aim of this course; students should gain the necessary skills related to the examination of the entire body system to the students, identification of normal/abnormal findings, health promotion and recording of data relating to health.

TKD 202 Turkish Languages II

In this course, students will recognize Speech disorders and develop written and verbal expression skills. The course content; Speech disorders, written expression, written expression types, verbal expression, verbal expression types, preparing the subject of scientific writing is included.