Why Nursing

There is a reciprocal relationship between the profession and the community and Occupations intertwined with society's fundamental social values and concepts. Occupations not be separated from the community and the most important reason for their existence professions service to community. There are a "social contract" within society of professional groups, Communities acknowledge the importance of professions that are vital to them and allow professions to perform functions independently. To give nursing care, “is to provide help and care to the society". 
The main expectation of the society for nurses 
• To bring a reliable standard of nursing care, 
• To keep at the forefront of meeting the needs of the patient while taking care of,
• To acts in the nursing profession's responsibility.
Responsibility; not only do a task in accordance with specific rules but also in performing a task; willing to become, possibility of having a certain knowledge of, continuous self-development, to based applications on scientific evidence and  covers to implement their own decisions. the nursing graduates are trained for development and protection of an individual's health, if necessary, the treatment and rehabilitation. 
In accordance with the criteria of the European Union, protection and improving of the health, treatment and rehabilitation of individual to point to nurses is the key people. Amaç; to raise specialized individuals in the field of nursing in order to fulfill this important responsibility and to meet the requirement of informed people.
Nuh Naci Yazgan University's mission, vision and infrastructure in the field of nursing as well as other areas, to raise nurses who respond the needs of the country, qualified, a strong intellectual direction, can make a difference in working environments, compete with colleagues in the national and international level, sensitive, aware of cultural values and providing care in a holistic approach to individuals, respect for ethical values. 
Mission of Nuh Naci Yazgan University, Faculty of Health Sciences Department of Nursing ; to give education with current approaches and methods based on science and technology, focused on protection and development of family and community health; take responsibility for lifelong learning and development; to carry out effectively the professional roles of care, education, research, consulting and management, depending on the law and professional ethics; developed the ability to think analytically, researcher, critical thinking, productive, successful teamworker, produce solutions to problems, confident, change agent for contributing to the development of nursing services, to educate nurses as a leaders. 
The vision; carrying out international standards of education and scientific research activities, It could be an educational institution which is preferred and recognized national and internationally within its students, faculty, curriculum and research activities.