Program Objectives

To serve with knowledge, skills and attitudes in all aspects of the nursing profession as an efficient and effective member of the health care team; sensitive to any change and the development which have implications for health of individuals; to meet nursing care requirements of individual, family and the community by using a systematic problem solving approach; can take part in nursing education, management and research; internalize ethical values; analize current scientific information in professional field, capable of transferring to applications; to educate professional nurses who understanding of the importance of lifelong learning.

In line with this purpose and within Turkey Higher Education Qualifications Framework Key Areas of Health Qualifications, the student has completed the program, expected to have the following knowledge, skills, and competencies:
When Student Graduated; 
1. Should have the current theoretical and practical knowledge in order to perform professional roles and functions.
2. Should have the knowledge to evaluate accuracy, the reliability and validity of information, access to scientific research and current information related to the field of nursing.
3. Using theoretical, evidence-based and practical information in the field of nursing, with a holistic approach to individual, family and community, gives nursing care with a systematic approach, assesses the impact of the care and records.
4. Uses informatics and maintenance technology in nursing areas such as education, practice, research, and management.
5. Shows respect the human rights and dignity in areas where practiced their profession, act in accordance with legislation, professional values and ethical principles.
6. With a sense of professional responsibility; work in collaboration with health care team and other disciplines, take the role of research project and activities.
7. Fulfills the responsibility in production of nursing-specific scientific knowledge, does a descriptive level research.
8. Takes responsibility in activities that will contribute to the development of the nursing profession and health care, support and development of safe and high quality care, leads to innovation and change.
9. Produces solutions for the problems associated with nursing profession with the use of scientific knowledge and evidence.
10. Are able to communicate effectively and access to scientific information, uses at least one foreign language.
11. Adopts the lifelong learning approach for personal and professional development.
12. Be a role model to colleagues with professional identity, contribute to the development of the image of nursing
13. Use critical thinking skills and scientific problem-solving approach in the areas of personal and professional effectiveness.
14. Uses effectively Intercultural and interpersonal communication skills in the areas of professional activity